OSM Buildings

Leaflet Layer

Data Tiles

Data Tiles

Our data is based on XYZ tiles.
Data format is GeoJSON with geometry projection EPSG:4326 (WGS84).

Request Schema

GET http(s)://({abcd}.){x}/{y}.json
URL element Description
abcd optional subdomain for load balancing
x horizontal position of tile at zoom level 15
y vertical position of tile at zoom level 15


Feature ID

Unique identifier of building part. Re-use original OSM id wit h a prefix.
NOTICE: this will change soon for a building id that groups related parts

Feature Attributes

Attribute OSM Tags Description
name name building name
type building type of building
i.e. commerce, residence
building links building parts by using the same value for each part
NOTICE: this is about to change soon
height height total building height - in meters
minHeight min_height height at which a building part starts vertically (floating) - in meters
levels levels total building levels
minLevel min_level levels at which a building part starts vertically (floating)
color building:colour dominant color of building facade
named colors, rgb() or #hex values
material building:material, building:facade:material dominant material name
shape building:shape building shape if unusual
i.e. sphere, pyramid
roofShape roof:shape roof shape
i.e. skillion, hipped, flat, dome
roofHeight roof:height roof height (included in total height) - in meters
roofLevels roof:levels roof levels (adds to buildings levels)
roofColor roof:colour dominant roof color
named colors, rgb() or #hex values
roofMaterial roof:material dominant roof material name
roofDirection roof:direction, roof:orientation direction where a roof is facing, different rules for roof types, - clockwise in degrees from north
roofAngle roof:angle inclination of roof faces, could be used for height calculation - in degrees upwards from horizon