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Mapzen shutting down

Jan Marsch • 2018-01-03

It seems unbelievable but Mapzen is closing business.

Is it just 4 years? Regarding tools, presence and influence on OSM Community.
I'm especially glad to have met and discussed with Brett, Peter R. and Patrizio.

Also Mapzen's services will halt by January 31st, which is very short notice to many clients. Luckily tools are available as open source so you can continue using them or set up your own services. But this might not be trivial for everyone.

We are going to pick up on Metro Extracts and Vector Tiles, both with focus on buildings.


We will be offering custom building geometry as GeoJSON, and full 3d geometry later on. Sources are our prepared OSM data as well as available alternative data sets.
There will be fees for this service so we won't go Mapzen's way.


OpenMapTiles - Vector Tile extracts, paid
Geofabrik - Predefined areas, OSM formats, free

Vector Tiles

These contain all layers of OSM data, not just buildings.
The service is close to production state and ready for testing here. For non commercial users this is and remains a free offering.



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